Index of works and out-takes. Design, Art and Creative Direction. Max Spencer. © (2020).

Project 01. Maserati MC20 — Creative Direction — The new MC20 marks the return of Maserati in the supercar market, after a 20 year hiatus. A milestone celebrated with an unexpected launch campaign and a series of unique partnerships. Credits. Creative / Art Direction: Max Spencer / Valerio Oliveri. Directors: Zhang & Knight. Photography: Studio Amos Fricke. Music: Lorenzo Senni / Warp Records. Agency: Soursop.

Project 02. Kappa Kontrol x Slam Jam — Art Direction & Design — Text. Credits. Creative / Art Direction: Max Spencer / Valerio Oliveri. Photography: Elliot Kennedy. Styling: Francesca Pinna.

Project 03. Assembly Coffee — Art Direction & Design — Branding an independent coffee roaster focussed on collaboration from farmer to coffee shop. Credits. Photography: Rosie Harriet Ellis

Project 04. Chanel x i-D — Art Direction & Design — i-D and Chanel partnered up to launch The Fifth Sense. We were tasked with building a system to live across the platform and events that reflected both the magazine’s irreverent tone and the brand’s elegant attitude. Credits. Creative Direction: Bunney Kinney / Claire Arnold. Art Direction & Design: Max Spencer / Valerio Olliveri.

Project 05. Grafik Magazine — DesignCredits. Design: Max Spencer